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So you have a business or event and you need to reach more people; well why not reach millions? When you advertise on Maxflix.com you have the potential of reaching that many, from all over the world. Take a look at our plans below and compare to print ads, sending brochures, or social networking; you can’t get a better rate right in one place. Give us a try today.

Daily Ad Blast

  • posting of your ad on our left side vertical side banner (size: 1200×587)
  • plan duration: good for the day



Weekly Ad Blast

  • posting of your ad on our right side vertical side banner (size: 300×250)
  • plan duration: good for one week



Weekly Plus Ad Blast

  • posting of your ad on one of our vertical side banners (left or right side banner)
  • posting of your ad on the top slider banner for 1 week ( size: 800×250)
  • plan duration: good for up to one month paid per the month



For businesses with well known brands, please contact us at enterprise@maxflix.com for pricing.

We Accept all types of Credit/Debit Cards. payments are made through a secure gateway.

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