Maxflix has combined the joy of watching videos with the convenience of buying what you see in your favorites videos. Get the latest products, merchandise, event tickets, specials and discounts, and more all in one place.

Not just another video sharing platform.

Sure, Maxflix started out as a video sharing platform but we said, why not give our users a better video experience than the norm? So we decided to combine the viewing experience with e-commerce. So now you watch and also buy products, merchandise, promotions and much more from your favorite brand.

The ProVid Icon

Below is a magical icon we call the ProVid vid icon, it is the $ or currency icon in the upper left hand corner of the video screenshot below. This icon let’s you know there is a product, merchandise, promotion, or deal attached to a video. Take a look at it and notice you can see it in videos on Maxflix.

So when YOU click on your video with this ProVid icon, you will see videos with products, merchandise, promotions, and deals (see below) immediately to purchase. All on the Maxflixplatfrom. Want to see it action? Just click the graphic below.

Check out what some of our viewers are saying about Maxflix

" I thought it was just another video site, sort like Youtube but no, it's actually cooler cause I see stuff I can buy from the actual video. I mean artist I really like have go their merc right in one place, nice."
Student,Temple University, Philadelphia PA
"I've seen some ecommerce sites especially the big names but for Maxflix to put these two together on the same platfrom is just different. I'm going to become a vendor and start selling stuff too now!"
Olawole Aremu
Banker, Lagos, Nigeria
" I haven't found a products that doesn't exists on Maxflix yet, I mean real things I see in the videos. I'm a fashion hound so any latest fashion I'm always up on and now to see it in video form? I really love Maxflix."
Jane Careboo
Retailer, London, England
"Maxflix ususally don't write testimonials but Maxflix is different. I got this cool blouse that my favorite singer, Tiwa Savage was wearing in her video; not only that, I got tickets for her next show all on Maxflix!" Where have you been all this time Maxflix???"
Rosario Fernandez
School teacher, Chile, South America

So why use Maxflix?

Maxflix is the next level of experiencing video and e-commerce. Unlike other social platforms where you are reditrected to other 3rd party platforms, on Maxflix you just watch and buy what you see in videos all on ONE platform.

Free promo

Think of it as making a mini-commercial. Today content video is king, selling through videos is the new revolution of e-commerce.

Direct revenue

Generate predictable, recurring revenue from your videos through promotion of your products and merchandise.

Exclusive benefit

Give your users what they want: a peek behind your brand. Now what users see in your videos can be part of their connection with you and your brand.

Users connections

Connect and chat with your user directly, free from the ads and algorithms that drive typical social media

One stop shop

The entire cycle of selling to tracking your sale are all provided on the Maxflixf platform; no 3rd party redirection

Who uses Maxflix?

Video Creators
Visual Artists
Fashion Designers
Gaming Creators
Beauty Consutants
Hair Stylists

You can watch but why not sell too?

User want to build a deeper relationship with you and your brands, so why not let them experience your brand with a simple video? They WILL watch. Not only that but now you can also sell and promote with product placement right under your videos so that what user see it your videos can be part of their lives too.

Step 1

Create a vendor station

Step 2

Add your video content or mini commercial

This is where it get a little bit tricky. Just kidding, this step is as easy as Step 1. Just watch and follow the video instructions and you will be all set.

Step 3

Add relevant product that are in your video or random products which support your brand.

Works with Maxflix

Maxflix connects with other apps that help you
promote and get the word to your users, followers, and fans easily about your video product content. Other app connections coming soon.

The 10 Most Useful benefits of using the Maxflix platform

• Open to all vendors
• Sell, buy, promote all in one place; no redirection to other 3rd party sites
• Entire sales cycle is completed on one platform
• Currently free to post videos and link products, merchandise, and promotional items with your videos
• Chat in real-time to your audience
• No restrictions or unattainable qualifications to begin using the platform
• Make Live videos and post immediately
• Connects to Twitter and Facebook so users know you have something to share with them right away
• Track your user analytics all from the platform
• Join the community of users engaging in the new way of selling and promoting their brands virally


Join the thousands using the Maxflix platform.

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